About The Content Strategist

The Content Strategist blog was created to explore ideas and stimulate dialog about digital marketing and the growing role of content strategy.  The web is radically changing business marketing and customer engagement.  Tactics, tools, resource requirements and content formats – all are rapidly evolving.

Content marketing is an ecosystem with many forms. It must be shaped to align with your target audience and the many channels of digital consumption.  And above all, content creation and management must be strategic, aligned to a business goal that drives revenue and ultimately cannot be static. This is the framework of this blog and the discipline of content strategy.

Throughout these pages, I hope you will share and comment.  Please add your own unique perspective and point of view, either complimentary or contradictory – all are welcome in the spirit of stimulating discussion.

You will also find some of my paintings of the Southwestern United States here in this site, mostly because it is a place I can share them with friends and family.

Most sincerely, Ed Youngblood

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About Ed Youngblood

Currently I am the Director of Content Strategy at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. I have been involved with digital marketing since ‘digital’ emerged and I’m currently responsible for guiding content strategies in support of the organizations business marketing, social media, demand creation, and web communication objectives.

I am married with two wonderful daughters, terrific friends and extended family, and live in Southern California.  In short, life is good.

During 30+ years in marketing I have been involved with all forms of content creation and delivery.  My early professional life was immersed in film and broadcast graphics and commercials as a designer and director.  I received numerous awards including an International Broadcast Award and 2 Clio’s as a finalist (but alas, not THE winner).

The desire to be more involved in the strategic marketing stage, Padraic Shigitani and I started Youngblood, Padraic & Associates, that quickly came to specialize in technology marketing and design with clients like Linksys, Symantec, Borland and many others.  More recently at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise I have led strategy for the Web, video and multimedia, and now content marketing.

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